New Martinez-Arias lab web site »

The Martinez-Arias lab has finally updated their web site. It provides an overview of research themes in the lab and details about people’s individual projects.

Furthermore, the web site is regularly updated with News and Blog posts covering latest developments in the lab as well as discussions about general topics such as scientific publishing. It is certainly worth checking out on a regular basis.

Lastly, don’t forget to explore the movie section, which will not only inform you about work that is currently going on in the lab but should also inspire you to think about concepts that are actively discussed in the AMA lab (the film “Embryos and Landscape” provides a good starting point).

We are interested in the structure and function of Living Matter with a special focus on the processes that generate tissues and organs from single cells through interactions between protein and gene regulatory networks. […] Our research is focused on how the activity of molecular networks is transformed into tissues for organ building.