Welcome to my web site

Hello and Welcome!

I hope you will enjoy the contents provided on the following pages. First and foremost it should provide fellow scientists a way to easily get in contact with me. It is also meant to give you an overview of and latest updates on my research.

Since it is primarily meant to be a “personal landing page”, the blog section will most likely only be sporadically updated. It will cover everything from discussions about scientific topics relating to my own research to issues that are dear to me such as scientific publishing, open access, and using technology to increasing productivity for common academic tasks (e.g. writing, presenting, project/task management).

For those who are interested in the technical aspects of this web site: This site uses the static blog engine Pelican, which is written in Python. CSS and Python customizations were done by myself (which luckily was comparably trivial). Blog posts are written in Markdown and converted into HTML via the official Python Markdown package. The commenting service is provided by Disqus.

Feel free to contact me or leave comments - I am always happy to receive feedback regarding the web site or particular blog posts. Another way to catch up with my latest 140-character-limited musings is to follow me on twitter.